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At the moment Greta Garbo is on the hard waiting for the 2024 sailing season. I plan to come down in April and do the usual Spring work. We are upgrading the Anchor winch and we will install a new Plotter "thanks" to the break in we had last year. We now have a plan to pull her on land evry other year. During the years in Greece and Turkey she was on land every winter. The Starlink Internet is really a game changer. Since I work on different internet projects I can still work while enjoying my stay onboard

Hard wind right into the berth

During my stay in March the wind came right into our berth. I have strengthened my lines in the back but In the front there is only one. The mooring line.  The boat was covered in spray and it was impossible to sleep because of all the noise and movements.

We decided to wait until after the weekend to go into Cartagena. We need to get new oars and reglue the oar holders. During the day we took off the carburator on the dinghy motor. Gasoline from last season had clogged it. From now on we will switch of the motor by closing the fuel.

We anchored two days in hard winds. It was a good plan because it would have been very hard to go around the cape. We have a Danforth anchor that works extremely well in sand and light grass. For hard surfaces it is not so good. We vere hanging on in windgusts over 35 knots.

At wone time the wind flipped the dinghy over, and the oars unfortunatly floaed away.