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At the moment Greta Garbo is still sitting in the Almerimar Marina waiting for the world to open up. Since we came to Almerimar the boat has been in the water and only picked up in the yard for 2 weeks maintenace each spring. Thanks to Udo Wagerman who is looking after the mooringlines and looking under the floorboards, and opening up to ventilate, I feel a little bit safer.

At the moment thera are no plans for 2020 except waiting out the pandemic. So she will most likely stay there this fall and winter again. After that the voyage will continue east or west.



Living onboard Greta Garbo through

After the sailing season this year a new chapter of S/Y Greta Garbo has begun. I am renting the boat on a daily basis through Look at the listing by going to and do a search for "Almerimar, boat" and you will se my offer and open days. There is a minimum stay of 4 nights and I can help you with trasfer through local contacts.

Enjoy a nice and cozy stay on a boat and at the same time a very cheap vacation. If you like the boat and have enjoyed the stay, maybe you would like to go out sailing?

I will act as skipper and a party of 4 people can take it for a trip to Africa or to gibraltar and back.



Suggestion for summer 19
The nicest thing with a teachers job is that you always have a long summer holiday. It is only  a problem when 3 teachers share the same boat. This summer will start in Almerimar where the boat has wintered. We are replacing the S-drive and gearabox, and hopefully that will fix the engine overload problem we experienced last summer.

When you are in Spain you either go west out into the atlantic or back east where we came from. I want to to west and south. I want to visit Marocco and then finish the summer on the Algarve coast and the winter in Lagos.  We will have meetings to decide. We will meet att the boatshow in Gothenburg and Stockholm and discuss this summers schedule.

Summer 2018

With 2 different crews Greta Garbo sailed from Almerimar to Gibraltar and back. We are three teachers using the boat rightn now, so the season is limited to the school holiday. We had problems with the engine so our plan to cross to Africa was scapped. Hope to that already next summer

2017 is going ot be a very exciting summer onboard S/Y Greta Garbo. I have decided to move to new sailing grounds. The boat will be moved to Spanish waters. The first week we will be working on the boat to make it ready for the whole trip.


First leg will be from Preveza to Corfu Town. We will be 5 people onboard and it will be slow sailing and visiting a new harbor each night.